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woohoo birthing day | 11/18/2023

today is and was good
it's my birthday and now i am a Year Older
i liked going to the ramen shop but also it was a bit ruined from the vyvanse loss of appetite so
that's not good
but today was very Enjoyable and Such
pini post

adhd, hiatus, and other | 11/17/2023

Wow, kulupu ko's back?
indeed. ive been gone for a while on this website bc uhm
i have adhd and i haven't been able to focus on it
but recently i actually aquired adhd meds and so im working on it now!
some people should be added to the mante webring
idk end of post
oh yeah new theme ok now is the actual end of post

double post: football, hot chocolate | 9/24/2023

gonna cover the football first
i follow the cowboys (as i am texan) and this game was. super disappointing
i stopped watching halfway through it was actually so damn boring!! ugh
now for the hot chocolate :what:
feeling a bit Funny but it's probably fine
end of post

added worm to the webring also reflection | 9/24/2023

just added worm to the webring, i think it's pretty cool
i still have feelings about the website redesign, i mean obviously it looks better but like. hm
i could definitely change some things, but i'm a little burnt out on web dev,,, :( h
end of blog post

whole site restructuring!!! (woah) | 9/23/2023

restructured the entire site today
i think it's pretty cool, it's in the style of sites like motan and jmibo (who you can find in the mante webring btw nudge nudge wink wink)
im actually super proud of myself for doing this, . like, this is so cool!!! woahhhhhh
end of post or something

watched a movie | 9/23/2023

i watched elemental today
it was pretty good, but too short in my opinion
i liked how they portrayed the fire ppl as immigrants
but i don't like how the different elements are intrinsically different
i know cultures are different but given that fire literally burns things
idk, but for the most part i liked the allegory
i rate it like a 7/10 movie
pretty good

i did something funny | 9/23/2023

huh,h, ,

general update on life | 9/23/2023

wow, the mante webring is almost complete
idk i feel super proud of myself for managing to bring all of these people together (except temi)
but we finally have like, a unified place to find us all!!! that's super exciting
irl la long weekend, so i'll have lots of time to webdev and also just chill
idk end of Post

i did it !!! | 9/22/2023

woah guys
i actually made the index page i did it
setting up the webring has been a lot of fun but there are some people who haven't joined
soon that will change hopefully
i wonder if anyone reads this you should email me using the contact information at the bottom of the home page
end o' post

god i'm so bad at this | 9/22/2023

i hate having adhd. executive dysfunction is such a bitch
why can't i do stuff i want
i NEED to make the index space for this damned website and the webring
because it keeps growing so much! it's good but also im so bad at managing code and stuff
i just wish i had adhd medication, . take me to a psychiatrist or something GUH
end of post

first blog post | 9/22/2023

yeah i guess this is my first blog post
idk how a blog really works but this is gonna be it ig
anyways this website has existed for a while but only two days ago i started work on it
so i think that's a bit interesting